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Advent Planet - 2011-12-05


RJBS Hanukkah 2011: is available from 12/21-12/28

Perl: Perl Advent Calendar 2011 - Stupid Command Line Tricks

Catalyst: Catalyst Advent Calendar - Day 31

Dancer: Easy Database Access with Dancer::Plugin::Database - PerlDancer Advent Calendar

Perl 6: 05 - December - 2011 - Raku Advent Calendar

Perl Advent Calendar Japan:

acme: Acme::Jiro - ラーメン二郎ジェネレータ in Perl - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Acme

casual: CGI::Expand - フラットなハッシュをネストデータに変換 - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Casual

teng: #05 Teng::Row - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Teng

dbix: PerlのO/Rマッパーよくある機能一覧 - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Dbix

anysan: 目標達成カウントダウンを華々しく - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Anysan

hacker: Text::UnicodeTable::Simple - 全角文字を含むテキストテーブルを描く - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Hacker

test: Perl から Hadoop と連携したテストをしてみる - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Test

amon2: Amon2 と DotCloud - Articles Advent Calendar 2011 Amon2

english: appears to be unavailable on 2011-12-05 - . Please try again later.

Seoul.pm Perl Advent Calendar 2011

Seoul.pm: 다섯째 날: NCBI PubMed와 Perl - 2011 Seoul.pm 펄 크리스마스 달력


Ball Pythons: World of Ball Pythons


The PHP advent uses slugged titles for their URIs, so we can't access them by day of month like everybody else. You can find the PHP Advent Calendar at PHP Advent


SysAdvent: sysadvent

Performance Calendar

Performance Planet: Web Performance Calendar » 2011


WEBKRAUTS: Adventskalender 2011 - Webkrauts

Interesting Things

Hubble Space Telescope Advent

Hubble Space Telescope Advent: 2014 Hubble Space Telescope Advent Calendar - The Atlantic

Plus Magazine (Math)

Plus Magazine Advent: The 2011 Plus advent calendar - plus.maths.org

Science Advent

Galileo's Pendulum Science Advent: appears to be unavailable on 2011-12-05 - . Please try again later.

The Economist

Daily chart advent calendar: Christmas countdown: The 2011 Daily chart Advent calendar - The Economist

The Griddle: Puzzle Advent

The Griddle: Advent2011 Puzzles - Page 1 - The Griddle

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